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Zenith Aerotech Tethered Drones

Advantages / Unique Features

No RF Emission

All data is transmitted over F/O line in the tether, resulting in no RF interference or emission.

Ease of Operation

With using Zenith QGC software, simplified operation as one button take off and landing.

Counter Drone Capabilities

Zenith offers counter drone capabilities with Echodyne Lidar and Droneshield software


Variable Height Antenna

Quickly set up a VHA up to 400` (120m)  with radio relays like MPU5 and others.

Reliable and Safe Operation

Back-up battery, communication and other failsafe functions provides safe and reliable operation

100+ hrs Proven Endurance

Zenith tethered drone solutions can provide persistent surveillance with unlimited flight time

400 ft Hover Altitude

Key Features

Zenith Aeorotech Tethered Drone flying at a hover altitude 400 feet

  • Tethered Aerial Vehicle – unlimited time on station
  • Simplified operation
  • Heavy payload capacity
  • Flexible payloads
  • Highly customizable solutions
  • Hover altitude up to 400 ft AGL (higher with FAA waiver)
  • Fail-safe battery backup
Tethered Drone Key Features Details
Unlimited Flight Time

108 Hours Continuous Flight Test

Endurance Test

Quad 8 multi-rotor platform flew a total of 161 hours and 49 minutes—108 hours of which were continuous, uninterrupted flight.

Tethered Drone Endurance Test Details

Tethered Drone System Components

zenith aerotech tethered drone drawing

Tethered Drone

• 100+-hour of proven endurance
• Heavy payload capaciy
• Enhanced multilevel falesafes
• Simplified Operation

zenith aerotech tethered drone ground power station drawing

Ground Station

• 400 feet tether with F/O
• Secure power and communications
• Voltage drop compensation
• Interchangeable spool system

zenith aerotech tethered drone tablet drawing

Control Software

• One button take off and landing
• Click and go navigation and yaw
• System health monitoring
• Integrated payload control

Zenith QGC Software

zenith aerotech tethered drone user interface software
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Zenith QGC software is a ground control station software which is dedicated to tethered drone operations, designed for the operators to proceed successful missions. In a basic operation, operator presses take-off button, enters flight altitude to the slider and confirms the take-off. Tethered drone system will automatically take off and hover in the altitude.

Operator can navigate with clicking on the map and use go to function, operator can also yaw to the position, all the payload data and controls are implemented on the software. For ending the mission operator clicks to the land button and confirms the action. All the safety procedures and fail safe options are automated, operator does not need to take action for these applications.

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Zenith Aerotech is a leading, U.S.-based manufacturer of, heavy-lift Tethered Aerial Systems (TAS) for defense, federal agency, first responder, and commercial applications. Please reach out our news section for our latest press releases and news.