Custom Solutions for Critical Applications

zenith aerotech tethered drone ground power station and quad 8 tethered drone

What makes Zenith Aerotech so special is our highly customized approach to designing and delivering TAS solutions to operators— in stark contrast to the mass-produced, one-size-fits-all systems available from other aerospace companies.

Zenith Aerotech’s solutions enable a strong multi-layer approach to the detection and defeat of threats—layering sensors, geographic zones, ranges, and capabilities as needed. Our staff thrive on finding solutions to challenges. Our in-house areas of expertise include aerodynamics, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) systems, remote sensing, embedded systems and software, sensor fusion and signal processing, automatic control algorithms and systems, system integration, power electronics, 3D printing, and custom fabrication.

Zenith’s tethered drone solutions are always the right choice, be it mission-critical applications, like counter-UAS, force protection, facility overwatch, mobile ISR, and communications relay; non-emergency use cases, like event illuminati on, media operations, and aerial mapping; or simply any application that would benefit from an elevated platform. Our TAVs allows users to rapidly respond to changing threats.

Common payloads include an electro-optical/infrared camera, LIDAR, synthetic aperture radar, scanning radar, laser designator/pointer, networking radio, loudspeakers for audio announcements, and lights for overhead spot/wide-area illuminati on. Zenith Aerotech’s team works to stay ahead of new UAS threats via field upgrades and helping to avoid obsolete hardware. Areas of ongoing innovation include RF-based products built on software-defined radios (SDR) and RF Systems on a Chip (RFSOC).

Our team of experienced engineers and managers boasts a deep understanding of tethered flight vehicles, power electronics, embedded systems design, and various sensors. Zenith Aerotech also provides customized user interface design and integration of specialized payloads.

Zenith Aerotech goes above and beyond the typical supplier, offering an array of inhouse services. These include—but are not limited to—mechanical engineering, power electronics design and manufacturing, software and user interface development, fabrication and assembly, prototyping and testing, customer requirements definition, and project management.

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