Key Features of

Zenith Aerotech Tethered Drone Systems

100+ hrs Proven Endurance

Zenith Aerotech, a leading developer of heavy-lift tethered drones, announced that, over the span of a week,

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Reliable and Safe Operation

Back-up Battery Zenith tethered drone system has a back up battery both in drone and ground station, if an

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Variable Height Antenna

Tethered drones are increasingly being used as variable height antenna and radio relay systems, offering a un

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Counter Drone Capabilities

Tethered drones are being used as counter-drone solutions, offering a unique and effective approach to detect

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Ease of Operation

With using Zenith QGC software, one button take off and landing operation. Once the system checks are comp

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No RF Emission

All telemetry, sensor and control data is transmitted over F/O line in the tether, resulting in no RF interfe

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