Quad Light

The Lightweight

Quad Light offers lower power consumption, and requires only 1800 watts as opposed to our heavier lift systems. The closed fuselage structure protects internal components from rain and dust. The motor arms and blades are field-replaceable, utilizing a quick release design. Due to its detachable arm design, the ZAT Quad-L allows for easier transport.

  • Tethered aerial vehicle – unlimited time on station
  • Simplified operation
  • Highly customizable solutions
  • Hover altitude up to 400 ft AGL
  • Fail-safe battery backup

Typical payloads can include:

  • EO-only camera
  • Thermal-only camera
  • EO/Thermal combined camera
  • Overhead illumination
  • SAR
  • Communications relay
  • Infrared laser designator
  • Laser pointer
  • Scanning radar
  • Audio announcement capability
  • Firefighting / EMS / Public Safety
  • Defense
  • Inspection / Security
  • Communications
  • Media

How do our TAVs work?


Each Zenith AeroTech system is comprised of a TAV, payload, ground power unit, and remote control device—all optimally integrated according to customer specifications.


Upon arriving at the target area, the user removes the TAV, along with its payload, from a manportable or vehicle-mounted case. The TAV is then connected to its tether, which is drawn from the collocated ground power unit.


The user launches and operates the TAV in either manual or automatic control mode, using a wireless remote control device to effect continuous RF-transmission of flight and telemetry commands, as well as sensor data to one or multiple selected viewers.

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