About Us

Zenith Aerotech is an Afton, Virginia-based company that designs and builds Tethered Aerial Vehicles (TAVs) for use in public safety, defense, industrial, and media applications. We leverage a deep understanding TAV operation, components, and technologies to provide highly customizable solutions.

Our secure facility is situated on 10 rural acres just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we design, fabricate, assemble, and test each of our units. Our 84,000-square-foot facility allows for work on multiple projects and the ability to provide compartmentalization for sensitive applications.

Our team has extensive experience in mechanical design, electrical design, software development, prototyping, and project management.  Our engineers and program managers thrive on finding new solutions to current challenges as well as anticipating future ones.

Custom Solutions for Critical Applications

For more information on ZAT, download our company overview.