Whether working round-the-clock at a construction site or safeguarding critical infrastructure, you always need a good source of light. Zenith AeroTech provides that overhead illumination with our family of tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs).

Unlike standard rotary-wing drones, a TAV can hover over an area for days at a stretch while providing persistent, air-to-ground illumination from up to three high-intensity (16,000 lumens) light panels.

As a result, critical activities—like police investigations, search-and-rescue parties, and border security missions—do not have to draw down at night.

Carried in a Pelican™ case and easy to deploy, a TAV hovers at altitudes of 150-400 feet. The platform stays in the air thanks to its Ground Power Unit, which draws energy from available sources (generator, vehicle power systems, etc.).

The light panels provide spot or wide-area illumination. But the modular TAV platform can also carry other payloads for surveillance, video/image/data capture, and communications. 

Visit https://zenithaerotech.com for more information about Zenith Aerotech and our portfolio of TAVs (Hexa, Quad 8, and Quadro).