Persistent Elevated Communications Relay. Reliable communications is key to coordinating any critical mission—be they military, law enforcement, emergency response, firefighting, or disaster relief. But even radios must obey the laws of physics. So what happens when topography blocks line-of-sight communications?

You need an airborne relay.

Zenith Aerotech’s family of tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs) can provide that relay. Our TAVs can stay aloft for days at a time while carrying a variety of communications payloads, such as an aerial Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) radio.

Indeed, when carrying a MANET radio and hovering at an altitude of 400 feet, a TAV can deliver voice, text, video, still imagery, and GPS data to operators on the ground kilometers away.

The TAV is also easy to deploy. It is carried in two Pelican™ case and draws power from a generator, this powers the Zenith Ground Power Unit.  The platform is modular too: besides a communications payload, a Zenith Aerotech TAV can carry light panels and a variety of electro optical and IR sensors.

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