Persistent surveillance used to be the sole province of large military formations. After all, they were the only ones capable of fielding fixed-wing, long-endurance drones like the MQ-1 Predator.

Not anymore, though.

Thanks to Zenith Aerotech, now even the smallest military, law enforcement, and humanitarian response unit can put eyes in the sky for hours—and even days—at a stretch.

Zenith Aerotech produces a family of lightweight, rotary-wing tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs) that can carry a wide variety of customizable sensor payloads, including:

  • Electro-optical and infrared cameras,
  • Synthetic aperture radar,
  • Scanning radar,
  • LIDAR, and
  • Laser range finders.

Carried in a Pelican™ case and easy to deploy, the TAV flies at an altitude of 400 feet. It is kept aloft by a Ground Power Unit, which draws energy from available sources (generator, vehicle power systems, etc.).

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