Securing an international border is no simple matter.

There are trees and hills, rivers and ravines, and other obstacles and obscurants that get in the way of border personnel. Then there is the meandering length of the border itself.

As a result, countries will often employ a mix of techniques and technologies to keep safe.

One technology that’s recently attracted attention is the tethered aerial vehicle (TAV). Developed by Zenith Aerotech, a TAV is a small, easy-to-deploy drone that is linked to a Ground Power Station via a tether that contains power and communications cables.

Unlike conventional drones, a TAV can stay aloft for hours, and even days, at stretch, while carrying a variety of customizable payloads that support border security mission.

These include:

  • Mobile ad hoc networking radios to serve as long-range communications relays;
  • Electro-optical/infrared cameras to monitor ground movement; and
  • Airborne radars to detect drones infiltrating from across the border.

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