Zenith Aerotech’s Tethered Aerial Vehicles (TAVs) are designed to provide Fire/EMS responders with the ability to quickly launch unmanned assets up to 400 feet above ground level, with the TAVs staying on station for hours, or even days, at a time.

For public safety applications, mobility is key. Zenith’s TAV system can be deployed to provide resources where and when they are needed.

Sight on Scene

Overhead sensors offer a clear advantage to ground-based observation alone in any emergency situation.

Thermal Sensor

Thermal cameras assist in the identification of hot spots that require action and may not seen by the naked eye. For search and rescue applications, thermal sensors provide the ability to clearly and quickly locate human figures.

Electro Optical Sensor

The system allows personnel to deploy an electro-optical (EO) camera with zoom capabilities and a thermal camera to help manage the fire scene or aid in search and rescue operations.


Optionally, customers can equip their system with high intensity lights (22,000 lumens each) for overhead-to-ground illumination.


Fly voice/data communication devices like the Persistent System MPU5 or 5G cellular repeater.

Both the EO and thermal collections can be shared via Wi-Fi with team members on scene or off site (with internet service). On scene users can view the collections (EO & thermal) on handheld devices or laptops. The local Wi-Fi has a range of about 300’ and if extended data service is available, collections can be remoted back to the command center or firehouse.

Custom Configuration

The system can be configured with the EO/thermal camera and two light panels or with three light panels – in which case the camera is removed using the quick disconnect feature. Configurations can also include voice/data communication devices.