Deployed as either a mobile platform or a fixed location monitoring site, our Tethered Aerial Vehicles (TAVs) provide situational awareness to the facility manager. Zenith Aerotech TAVs can carry a full complement of electro-optical and thermal sensors and operate from an elevated position, monitoring facility traffic and daily operations as well as keeping guard against intrusions by outsiders. In addition to viewing and integrating electro-optical and thermal collections, TAV operators can also provide updates to other ground personnel when needed.

Thermal Function

The thermal cameras carried on the TAV can assist in the identification of hot spots that may not be seen by the naked eye yet require an immediate response. Thermal functionality also offers the ability to identify and locate human figures, clearly and quickly. They can also detect temperature changes in industrial equipment.

Sight Control

The system allows personnel to deploy an electro-optical (EO) 30x zoom camera and a thermal camera to help manage the fire scene or aid in search and rescue operations.


Our TAVs give customers the option to equip their aerial systems with high-intensity light panels (16,000 lumens each) for overhead-to-ground illumination.


Zenith AeroTech TAVs can carry voice/data communication devices like the Persistent Systems MPU5 mobile ad hoc networking radio or a hotspot extender for internet access.

Electro-optical and thermal imagery collected by onboard cameras can be shared by Wi-Fi with team members on the scene or offsite (with internet service). On-scene users can view these collections on handheld devices or laptops. The local Wi-Fi has a range of about 300 feet, and if extended data service is available, collections can be remoted back to a command center.

Custom Configuration

The system can be configured with the EO/thermal camera and two light panels or with three light panels – in which case the camera is removed using the quick disconnect feature. Configurations can also include voice/data communication devices.