Ground Power Unit


Our Tethered Aerial Vehicles (TAVs) utilize the Zenith Aerotech-designed Ground Power Unit to convert 120- or 240-volt AC power into high-voltage DC power. Power is then transmitted to the TAV through a high-strength, abrasion-resistant power supply cable, or tether. The GPU houses interchangeable tether spools in varying lengths up to 400 feet and utilizes an automated tether management system, allowing the operator to focus their full attention on operating the TAV and sensors.

This unit supports any of Zenith Aerotech’s TAVs, and can be paired with third-party unmanned aerial vehicles. This allows the user to get the most out of already purchased platforms by giving them an added long-endurance capability.

  • Converts 120 or 240-volt AC power into high-voltage DC power
  • Abrasion-resistant power supply cable
  • Spooled tether (variable up to 400 feet)
  • Zenith’s Hexa, Quad 8 and Quadro TAVs
  • Third party unmanned aerial vehicles

How do our TAVs work?


Each Zenith AeroTech tethered aircraft system is an optimized integration of a tethered aerial vehicle, its payload, a ground power unit, and a remote control device.


Arriving at the target area, the user removes the TAV with its payload from a portable or vehicle-mounted case and connects it to its tether cable, drawn from the collocated ground power unit.


The user launches and operates the TAV in either manual or automatic control mode, using a wireless remote control device to effect continuous RF-transmission of flight and telemetry commands, as well as sensor data to one or multiple selected viewers.

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